Philip Stein Fruitz Happy Hour Purple Rain F43S-PR-PR Watch

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Happy Hour Philip Stein

Philip Stein Fruitz Happy Hour Purple Rain Watch

The Philip Stein Fruitz Happy Hour Purple Rain watch is a sight to behold.  The deep purple silicon strap, coupled with the laser-cut purple dial which sits within a firm stainless steel case, makes a fashion statement like no other.  The day, date and month dials that are perfectly placed on the large dial of this watch make it a truly functional piece.

The 43 mm diameter case is embedded with a natural frequency technology disk, produced by Philip Stein, via a proprietary process.

Named after the Purple Rain Martini, a world renowned citrus and blackberry flavored alcoholic beverage, the Purple Rain has fun, charm and delight written all over it.  The sweet, smooth look of this watch makes it ever so lovable.

Indeed the Purple Rain watch is the bestselling watch from the Philip Stein Fruitz watch collection, which features three sub collections, including Fruitz Classic, Fruitz Sorbet and Happy Hour, of which Purple Rain is a member.

Philip Stein Introduces Fun and Color with Fruitz!

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Fruitz Watches by Philip Stein

Fruitz Watches by Philip Stein

Philip Stein’s new brand watch, FRUITZ, features energizing collections of timepieces.  Fruitz watches currently come in three different collections:  Fruitz Classic, Happy Hour and Sorbet.  Fruitz Classic watches are named after the fruits they resemble.  There’s the Raspberry Fruitz Classic Watch, the Blueberry Fruitz Classic Watch, the Red Apple Fruitz Classic Watch, and many other tasty sounding, and delectable looking, timepieces.

Fruitz Happy Hour watches are a spirited collection.  Each timepiece in this collection resembles a different, sweet luscious cocktail, like Strawberry Daiquiri, Purple Rain and Cosmopolitan.  Happy Hour watches feature large dials than watches in the other collections, and contain more functions, including month, date and day features.

Fruitz Sorbet watches are just as soft and smooth as they sound.  They feature a more traditional look, seeing that they are primarily stainless steel, with stainless steel expandable bracelets, as opposed to featuring silicon straps found in Fruitz Classic and Happy Hour collections.  Lemon Sorbet, Strawberry Sorbet and Blackberry Sorbet are amongst the enchanting looking watches in the Sorbet collection.  Twilight star Dakota Fanning loves her Lemon Sorbet watch.  She thinks Fruitz is “an adorable idea”, and is “so happy to have one!”

Fruitz by Philip Stein all feature natural frequency technology, making them popular watches for their possible health benefits too.  They have been proven to reduce stress, improve focus and make wearers achieve a better sense of wellbeing.